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View Governor Perry's Proclamation for Day of the Scots, November 30, 2004
"Today's Texas stands as a state with a rich history, reflecting the many contributions and cultures of the people who call it home.  Daily, we embrace our heritage, recognizing the important role that diversity will continue to play in building the Texas of tomorrow.
"Famed for its history and traditions, the Lone Star state has been deeply influenced by settlers of Scottish descent.  Whether it was the battle for the Alamo or the fight for Texas' independence, Texans of Scottish descent made countless contributions as the braved a new frontier.  Stephen F. Austin and James Bowie, heroes to us all, are among the many with Scottish ancestry who worked to establish the foundation of excellence that we hold dear today"
"To celebrate Scottish-American contributions, November 30 is designated as the "Day of the Scots."  On this day, tribute will be paid to St. Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland, among many other  planned activities.
" As this time, therefore, I encourage all Texans to celebrate the achievements of Scottish-Americans, taking pride always in our rich tapestry of cultures and the strength that diversity brings to our great state."
"Therefore, I, Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, do hereby proclaim November 30, 2004, Day of the Scots, in Texas, and urge the appropriate recognition whereof.
"In official recognition whereof, I hereby affix my signature this, the 30th day of November 2004.
Rick Perry             
Governor of Texas


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